January 20, 2012

Friday Funday

Aye Mami


It's Friday, that's enough cause for celebration, right?? 
News: 1. Obama can sing, swoon
2. R.I.P. Etta James and Johnny Otis
3. I'm ready for the summer

Enjoy the Hot People, whom are exceptionally hot today. 

Also, I found this quote from Hipster Queen, Lana Del Ray, that I just love:

 I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
 Often they would not truly realize the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.  It is common for anyone in a busy lifestyle to let friendships slip. But when you are faced with your approaching death, the physical details of life fall away. People do want to get their financial affairs in order if possible. But it is not money or status that holds the true importance for them. They want to get things in order more for the benefit of those they love. Usually though, they are too ill and weary to ever manage this task. It is all comes down to love and relationships in the end.
That is all that remains in the final weeks, love and relationships.


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