December 13, 2010

Store Front

Outfit Post

Tunic- Macy's
Black Tunic- Thrift Store
Tights- Forever 21
Booties-Thrift Store
Jacket- Dillards
Scarf-Forever 21
Event- Errands/Movie

I don't smoke, but Camel wants me too. They keep on sending me coupons for cigs. I've been telling myself to smoke instead of eat. But, it's not really working. Food is way better than cigs. Even though, I hear models live off of cigarettes and diet coke.

I've got to get everything in order before I leave for Oklahoma. I'd like to clean my room, so that I can pack with a clean room. Even though, I know I'm going to want to take EVERYTHING. You never know, when you'll need an Indian headdress, or multi-colored glitter.  I'm going to take my yoga mat too. Hopefully, I'll actually use it.

So, how's the new layout? I've been messing with it for a minute, trying to get it perfect.

p.s. I kinda hate all these pictures. Except the cig one, and the one from my neck down.

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Anonymous said...

In regards to picture one...stop that.

-Love Tarick