March 10, 2010

Blog 7

Eating Disorders can be anything from bulimia to anorexia to anything in between. A eating disorder changes the way you think about food and changes the way you eat or don't eat. Lives can be shattered if eating disorders remain untreated.
Fashion has a HUGE impact on eating disorders. The fashion designers make clothes in "sample sizes" and as a model one has to be able to fit the clothes to wear them down a runway. The problem is that the clothes are made in the smallest sizes: 00,0,2,4. If a model can't fit the clothes she has no work. The magazines want to feature the clothes, but again, must find models that fit the sample sizes to feature them. This spreads the image of thin models all over the media. Thus, sending the wrong message to women and girls everywhere.
I honestly feel that the fashion industry is the leader in creating eating disorders worldwide. Fashion leads to film and the music industry. The fashion designers create the clothes the actresses and musicians wear, and again, they create them small. If the entertainer can fit the sample size, then usually she can wear the item for free. Who doesn't like free clothes?

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