March 23, 2009

Belkin Article

I'll first start with my general experience and opinion. I am the child of a mother who works full time, plus is on-call two weekends a month. I have 3 siblings, the youngest of the three is 2. My mother works hard, and she usually does most of everything in the household. A major reason for her accomplishments is the help of family. Her mother-in-law helps with childcare for Anna, the youngest. But what my mother has is not something I would want for myself. She works to support her lifestyle and her choices that she has made in life. If she had a choice I'm pretty sure that my mother would not work.

The responses to the article have been broad. But mostly I've seen responses that are in agreement to what Belkin wrote about. She should have included different races and classes in her report. Most of her couples were white and upper class.
This is actually Belkin's response to what everyone has been saying about her article.

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