February 3, 2012

Hot Friday

Hey Lovelies

 I'm starting my second job, pretty excited to work with kids again. It's interesting cause it's a predominantly Hispanic school, so I think about what it would be like to grow up with all the kids looking like you, or similar. I grew up in a mostly white school, with like 4 Mexican girls, and never really felt like I belonged. It wasn't a huge struggle, but it's something that bothered me. It really hit me last week, when I was there and noticed all the girls kinda looked like me. I've never been in an environment like that before. It was kinda awesome. I hope everyone that grew up in a area where the kids didn't look like you, gets a chance to feel a part of something like that.  Anyways, look at some hot people and remember you're never alone. 

Enjoy the Hot People

Wait for it......


p.s. I <3 Drake, there, I said it.
p.s. I'm missing my boo hard core.

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